Our vision is to create high quality, thought provoking, entertaining films that appeal to a wide audience and that can help push borders and boundaries, as well as overcome stereotypical roles for women.

As a female run film production company we want to be an active part of the equality movement, not only with our films, but also by joining the conversation outside our industry. 

Moreover we see ourselves as bridge makers between Europe and North America.

Being European immigrants living in the US, our independently produced American movies are influenced by European cinema. This influence is mirrored in the stories we tell, but also in our partnerships with great European talent in every field. Including our collaboration with one of the best post production houses in Europe (Greece). 

We strongly believe that in current times movies must challenge the limitations of language and regional barriers.



Kim holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a degree in Film Studies. Kim changed careers some years ago from being a Gibbs Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics at Yale to being a Film Producer. For over 6 years Kim was an organizer and programmer at the Oscar-qualified international short film festival Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur in Switzerland. 

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Pia has worked in the film business for over 10 years. She studied at the acclaimed European Film College in Denmark.  After graduating she was cast in her first recurring role in a German TV Show. In 2007 Pia landed her first role in a British TV movie in London alongside Sean Astin and Jeremy Irons. 

2009 the lead role of Gaby in the British Indie Invisible Eyes followed and earned her raving critiques. She has been working as an actress in TV in Film in Germany, the Uk and the USA.  

In 2010 she moved to NYC. She is the author of the novel Remisuri, published by Shelff Germany in 2015. She also wrote, directed and starred in the web series Almost Settled.

Her feature debut as a writer/director was Everything is Wonderful, which premiered at the Chelsea Film Festival and the Thessaloniki Film Festival. She also starred in it.

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